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Safety from Life’s Storms

Christopher R. Rourke, who joined CPG as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Church Insurance Companies, was drawn to our expertise in and commitment to serving the special property and casualty protection needs of the Church. Here he explained the new opportunities that lie ahead: 

How would you describe your business philosophy?

I believe in a balanced approach. On the one hand, we need to be a financially disciplined and sustainable business. On the other, we have to listen to our clients, understand their needs, and evolve to meet those needs. If we strike that balance, we can continue to be very successful.

What are some of your strategic priorities?

Since joining CPG, I have gained an appreciation for just how much weather-related claims affect our clients and our results. Making sure we have the right reinsurance programs in place is crucial to help protect against either a single large loss or a catastrophic event such as a hurricane. A longer-horizon priority is to improve our operating systems—not only to improve our efficiency but also to further enhance our client service model and provide access to more tools and resources.

How has the pandemic influenced your work?

We have discovered not only that we could be very productive and efficient while working remotely but also that we could gather many more people more easily in a timely way. For example, some of the virtual vestry meetings we have joined had attendance of more than double what it would normally be. While not a replacement for in-person meetings, these online sessions can be extremely helpful in supplementing our service to the Church.

What future opportunities do you envision?

I want us to always be looking for ways to better serve the Church in the future. That could be through new products and services focused specifically on the Church or through additional risk management resources. One clear way is to be proactive in educating our clients on emerging risks and providing the right solutions to meet their needs. Examples of this would be what we have recently done in the areas of cyber liability and malicious attack coverages.

Angie Johnson
Executive Director of the Emmanuel Center, housed in St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee

Proper Protection

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly challenging for children in South Memphis who face many poverty-related hurdles to remote learning, such as access to Wi-Fi. The Emmanuel Center, with the support of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee, developed the Learning Pod program to provide access to online learning in a safe and supportive environment. 

Church Insurance helped make this program possible by ensuring that the St. Joseph’s building was properly protected, allowing the diocese to make this space available to us.
Haiko Cornelissen
Director of Real Estate at the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, New York

Covering Empty Spaces

We’re extremely thankful to Church Insurance for their flexibility and guidance in lowering the cost to protect several unoccupied buildings in the diocese. Every penny we save helps to pay for important ministry programs like food pantries and shelters, and it gives us peace of mind to know that Church Insurance can quickly adapt to our rapidly changing coverage needs.

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