Dear Friends:

The Church Pension Group (CPG) found new ways to fulfill our purpose in 2020. We saw evidence of struggle all around us, of course, but also many signs of hope. Our people worked diligently and with an ever-strong sense of mission to serve the Church. We are grateful that, through their efforts, our annual client experience score surpassed industry benchmarks, our investment performance exceeded our ambitious goals, and our financial results for the year made our commitment to strong fiscal discipline apparent.

Not all of our results can be quantified. This year’s annual report features some of the intangibles we achieved in an unprecedented time—changes to products, programs, and services to provide stability amid uncertainty; ongoing outreach to keep stakeholders abreast of our work and our intentions; and opportunities seized to broaden our embrace and be even more inclusive in our conversations, such as through the expanded use of technology.

CPG exists to support the clergy and lay employees of The Episcopal Church in their calling to spread the gospel. We continued to live out our purpose this past year, while keeping an even keel during particularly turbulent times. As we look ahead, we will strive to remain a stable presence for the people and institutions we feel blessed to serve.

Bishop Mark D.W. Edington states in the series of essays he edited on the post-pandemic Church, “We shall be changed.” I am privileged to be called to lead a century-old organization that is adapting to the evolving needs of our Church during this time of change. I thank you.


Mary Kate Wold